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सहकारी विभाग के कार्य

In order to achieve the objectives, the Department performs the following functions:

1. To register various kind of Co-operatives according to the basic principles of Co-operation and as per the provisions of the Haryana Co-operative Societies Act, 1984 and Rules framed there under.

2. To perform the various statutory, quasi judicial and administrative functions specified in the above Act and Rules.

a) Granting state aid to Co-operatives under various schemes launched from time to time.

b) Regulating the working of Co-operative Societies as per provisions of the Act and Rules.

c) Auditing of accounts, system and procedures of all registered co-operative societies on an annual basis.

d) Supervision and inspection of Co-operatives.

e) Settling disputes relating to the constitution, business and management of the societies.

f) Executing awards,decrees, orders and decisions.

g) Winding up of Societies, which fall to satisfy the conditions of registration and efficient management.

h) To depute officers to Co-operatives, whenever necessary for their management.

i) To assist the Government in formulating policies, plans and schemes for the development of the Co-operative movement.

j) Promote training, education and publicity programme for the development of Co-operative Movement in the State of Haryana.