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डेयरी फेड

HARYANA is one of the most progressive states of Republic of India. In the domain of dairy development it is well known for its productive milch cattle particularly the 'Murrah' Buffaloes and Haryana Cows. The economy of the state is predominantly based on agriculture. People rear and breed cattle as a subsidiary occupation.

The essence of various programmes launched in the State has been to adopt the Anand pattern of Milk Co-operatives. Under this system, all the functions of dairying like milk procurement, processing and marketing are controlled by the Milk Producers themselves. It has three tier system comprising milk Producers Societies at the village level, Milk Producers Co-operative Union at the district level and the state Milk Federation as an apex body at the State level.

The Haryana Dairy Development Co-operative Federation Ltd. registered under Haryana Co-operative Societies Act came into existence on April 1,1977. Its authorized share capital is Rs.4000 lacs. It was established with the primary aim to promote economic interests of the milk producers of Haryana particularly those belonging to weaker sections of the village community by procuring and processing milk into milk products and marketing thereof by itself or through its unions. In furtherance of the above objects, the Federation undertakes a number of activities such as establishment of milk plants, marketing of VITA BRAND milk products of the Milk Unions. It also extends technical guidance to the Unions in all spheres of personnel, technical, marketing and financial management as well as makes them quality conscious, through use of modern methods of laboratory testing of various products.

Quality - VITA the Hallmark of Quality

As part of stringent quality measures, milk required for processing VITA products is procured from Dairy Cooperative Societies only. It is ensured that the milk is transported to chilling centres and plants in clean and sterilized milk cans as quickly as possible. All quality measures as per Standard of Bureau of Indian Standards/Agmark are being applied before the products are marketed. Well-equipped laboratories are functioning in the chilling centres and milk plants to maintain ideal quality standards. VITA is the endorsement of quality, a commendation we are Proud of.

Brief History

The Haryana Dairy Development Corporation was formed in 1970 which continued active functioning till 31.03.1977. Thereafter its business was taken over by Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited to promote socio-economic interests of milk producers of Haryana State particularly belonging to economically weaker section thereof by purchase and processing milk into milk products and marketing through affiliated milk unions. Dairy Cooperatives in Haryana works as per the following three tier system:- i) Milk Producers Cooperative Societies at village level ii) Milk Unions at District level iii) State Dairy Federation at state level


To give remunerative prices to the milk producers for milk.

To collect and transport milk efficiently to chilling centres / milk plants.

To process milk and convert the same into milk & milk products.

To make good quality milk & milk products available to the consumers at reasonable price.

To purchase / erect buildings, plant & machinery etc. to carry out the business and advise / assist the milk unions in such matters.

To procure milk by forming village level milk cooperative societies or through dairy farms.

To arrange transportation of milk from village cooperative societies to bulk milk coolers / chilling centres and further to milk plants.

To process milk at milk plant level and convert the same into milk products and arrange for the storage.

To sell milk & milk products to public through milk booths , distributors, retailers & societies

To provide ghee, cattle feed, mineral mixture & seeds etc. to village level milk cooperative societies for further sale to producer members.

To provide training (by outsourcing) to staff & milk producers for business operation


The Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd. (HDDCF) is engaged in procurement and processing of milk and manufacturing of milk products under the famous market brand "Vita". A range of Vita Products is including Pasteurized Full Cream Milk, Standard Milk, Toned Milk, Double Toned Milk, A2 Cow Milk in pouches Ghee, Table Butter, Paneer, Sweetend Flavoured Milk, Mithi lassi, Namkeen lassi, Chhach, Dahi, Kheer, Rabri, Milk Cake, Kaju Pinni, Besan Laddu, Khoya Burfi, Mango Drink, Ice Cream, etc. which are being manufactured and sold by 232 no. of milk and milk products distributor, Institutions, Defence Units, Districts Jails & 390 no. of milk booth network. In future we are going to install more booths in Haryana/Chandigarh to provide good quality liquid milk & milk products to the general public. Vita products are manufactured from milk procured from Village Level Dairy Cooperative Societies and processed at our own Milk Plants which are ISO and HACCP certified. Vita milk products are known for their quality and good taste not only in Haryana but entire Northern Region. The sale of Vita products also contributes to the economic upliftment and welfare of farmers of Haryana who provide us milk through the village level milk cooperative societies.

The village level societies collect milk from milk producers and sell it to Milk Union. Earlier Milk Unions were selling milk to the plants run by the Federation. Since 1-4-92 the Federation has leased out the Plants to the Milk Unions. So now Milk Unions process the milk and convert the same into products at Milk Plants taken on lease by them from Federation. The sale of Milk and Milk products is undertaken by milk unions through distributors, milk booths & retailers.


Dairy Cooperatives in Haryana functioning on three tier system

Societies at village level:

Milk producers in a village join together to form village Dairy Cooperatives Societies. The society is managed by the producers themselves

Milk Unions at District level:

The Milk Cooperative Societies of one or more district come together to form Milk Unions. These are managed by the representatives of milk producers elected from amongst the chairman of Coop. societies. At present, there are six







State Dairy Federation:Milk Unions combine to form Dairy Federation

Milk Plants


Milk Plants

Year of establishment


Registered Capacity (LLPD)




Liquid Milk, Ghee, Powder, Paneer, Dahi, Lassi, Kaju Pinni, Mango Drink & Jaljeera





Liquid Milk, Ghee ,Paneer , Dahi, Lassi, Sterilized Flavored Milk, Kheer, Milk Cake, Mango Drink & Ice Cream.





Liquid Milk, Ghee, Paneer, Dahi, Lassi Table Butter & Khoya Burfi





Liquid Milk, Ghee, Paneer, Dahi, Lass, Rabri & Kaju Pinni





Liquid Milk, Ghee, Powder, Paneer,Dahi, Lassi, Kaju Pinni , Besan Daddu & Skimmed Milk Powder





Liquid Milk, Paneer, Dahi & Lassi




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