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HAFED is facilitating Contract Farming of high value crops like Barley. Contract Farming a high yielding, two-row variety of Barley DWRUB-52 was sponsored by United Breweries Ltd. During Rabi 2011-12 season in the districts of Sirsa, Hisar, Bhiwani, Fatehabad, Ambala and Jind. A minimum buyback price of Rs.1000 per quintal was committed by United Breweries. During Rabi 2012-13, HAFED is facilitating contract farming of barley on 8500 Acres sponsored by United Breweries. Minimum buyback price of Rs. 1050/- per qntl has been committed by UB.

HAFED is promoting organic farming on 2500 acres for the welfare of the farmers. Certification cost and advisory services costs are borne by HAFED. Farmers are getting good prices by selling of organic produce.

HAFED achieved IC-3 (100% Certified organic) on 1750 acres in HAFED Organic Grower Group Kaithal, Karnal and Kurukshetra during the year 2012-13 upto 31.1.2013 and rest 750 acres area is at IC-I status in Jhajjar & Mewat upto 31.1.2013. HAFED has taken up with Nature Biofoods Limited( A unit of LT overseas Limited) for providing marketing support to the farmers for Certified Organic Produce. Nature Bio Foods Limited is interacting with the farmers and forming Organic Grower Group to provide free certification and buyback support to willing organic farmers.