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List of Officers (Head Office).

Sno. Officer Name and Designation Present Work Charges Contact No.
1 Ms. Poonam Nara, Additional RCS Credit Branch, Nodal Officer (Organization & Methods), Chief Vigilance Officer, Administration Branch (Link arrangement) 0172-2585341
2 Sh. Rajinder Singh, Additional RCS Chief Auditor, Nodal Officer (e-Samiksha), Nodal Officer(Coordinate with HPSC/HSSC), Nodal Officer (Voter awareness), Nodal Officer (PAC) , Nodal Officer (CM Window) 0172-2583341
3 Sh. Virender Kumar, Additional RCS Managing Director, Labourfed, General Branch,  Nodal Officer (Asset Management Cell),  Nodal Officer (C.M Announcements),  NO (Training Manager for implementation of training functions), Nodal Officer (National e- vidhaan Application) 0172-2587880
4 Smt. Suman Balhara, Additional RCS Managing Director, Harcofed,  Stores Branch, Enforcement Branch, Godown Branch, Nodal Officer (GrievanceRedressal Officer PWD), NOdal Officer (CPGRAMS), Nodal Officer (HARPATH), Nodal Officer (SMGT). 0172-2583023, Extn-301
5 Smt. Kavita Dhankhar, Additional RCS

Marketing, Nodal Officer (Skill Development), Nodal Officer (Coordinate and oversee the compliance of section 4 of RTI Act 2005), Presiding Officer (ICC) under sexual Harasment of women in work place , First Appelant Authority, Nodal Officer (Atamnirbhar Bharat), Nodal Officer (Minimizing regulatory compliance Burden), Nodal Officer (Circulating)

6 Sh. Naresh Goyal, Joint Registrar Managing Director, HSCARDB, Nodal Officer (ICDP), Project Incharge (IT), Nodal Officer (e-mail policy), Nodal Officer (e Office), Nodal Officer (SARAL-cum-AAS), Nodal Officer (Weedout old record), Nodal Officer (HKRN), Nodal Officer (India code Portal), SPIO 0172-2587043
7 Sh. Yogesh Sharma, Joint Registrar Managing Director, Housefed, SPIO, Sugar Mill, E & T, Milk, Industrial, Statistical, NO (Legal), NO (State Litigation Policy), NO (Court Cases), NO (CPGRAMS), NO (CeFMaTIS), O & M, Feedback in H.O,NO (LMS), NO (Payments of Bills of advertisement) . 0172-2570569
8 Sh. Amitabh Arya, Deputy Chief Auditor Audit, Budget and Planning, Nodal Officer (CeFMaTIS) 0172-2583023 Extn-303
9 Sh. Yashpal Dahiya, DRCS Industrial Branch, Sugar Mill Branch, Principal CCM Rohtak(Additional)  
10 Sh. Rajesh Rampal, Establishment Officer Administration 0172-2584838 0172-2583023 Extn 204
11 Smt. Shilpa Malik, Assistant Registrar Credit , Nodal Officer (e Waste) 0172-2583023 Extn-304
12 Ms. Renu, Assistant District Attorney Legal Cell  
13 Sh. Jaswant Singh, Drawing and Disbursing Officer DDO , Superintendent (Administration), Nodal Officer (IT), Nodal Officer (HRMS)