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Mukhya Mantri Dugdh Utpadhak Protsahan Yojna in Haryana

Haryana being a buffalo dominant area results into low milk production during the month of summers particularly April to September. Due to low production and high demand of milk during this period, milk procurement goes down to almost 1/3rd comparison to milk procurement in flush season (winter). Due to limited milk procurement in summer and more demand of milk and milk products it is difficult to fulfill the market demand. In addition to above, the level of recombination of milk powder and white butter goes high for supplementary milk supply, limiting milk marketing and also it invites quality complaints.

The milk of Cooperative Societies diverts milk to NCR region where more prices are offered. The private players pay more prices to attract milk producers. With the entry of AMUL in Haryana, the base of cooperatives is being eroded as they are paying much higher price to the producers than Haryana Dairy, due to their greater muscle strength And unless the Federation pays a higher procurement price there is no likelihood of any substantial increase in procurement level particularly in summer season. And unless procurement increases substantially from the present level the Dairy Cooperatives Milk Unions will not become viable. So it is essential to give remunerative prices to the milk producers for sustainable growth of Dairy Sector in Haryana State In order to ensure increased supply of milk with Milk Cooperatives the State Government announced a new scheme‘Mukhya Mantri Dugdh Utpadhak Protsahan Yojna in Haryana’.

This scheme is being implemented by the Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd. Panchkula. In order to divert the milk procurement towards Milk Unions, subsidy @  5Rs.5/- per litre is being given to milk producers on the total milk procured by Milk Unions in the lean period i.e. June to September every year.

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