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The Haryana State Cooperative Development Federation Ltd; popularly known as HARCOFED came into existence on 1st December, 1966 as a result of bifurcation of erstwhile State Cooperative Union of Punjab. This Institution works like a liaison agency between various Cooperative Institutions and the State Government. HARCOFED is entrusted with the activities relating to Member Education and Training to employees as also Publicizing the activities and achievements of Cooperatives.


The details of activities undertaken by this Federation is as under:

1.Cooperative education & training.

2.Publicity & Public Relation.

3.Printing work.


    1. The main objectives of this programme are as under:-
    2. i.To acquaint the members, managing committee members and office bearers with operational and management aspects of the Cooperatives
    3. ii.To develop in them an understanding of their rights, duties and obligations;
    4. iii.To develop leadership which may not only provide necessary guidance but also educate the members;
    5. iv.To create awareness about the values of Cooperative action and realize their own potentiality;
    6. v.To impress upon the members and others, the need to patronize and support Cooperatives as the nuclei for socio-economic development of the community.
    7. vi.To stress upon the members the need of preparing Business Development Plan for the societies.

For the implementation of this scheme, the Federation has appointed one Education Officer in the Head Office and five Assistant Cooperative Education Officers (ACEOs) at Ambala, Karnal, Rohtak, Bhiwani & Hisar who supervise Education and Socio-economic activities in three to six districts each.9 Education Instructors are working under these A.C.E.Os. For the implementation of this scheme, following activities are being undertaken:-

(a) Training Programme:For the professionalization of junior level personnel of various sectors of the Cooperatives, the Federation conducts training programmes as per requirements of the concerned institutions. These courses are conducted by the A.C.E.Os with the help of officers of Cooperative Department and other Cooperative institutions. Besides under the ICDP programme also training is imparted to employees. During this period 502 employees were trained by organized 18 various programmes.

(b)Awareness Programme for Members and Prospective Members: The objective of this programme is to create awareness among the members and prospective members pertaining to activities and achievements of Cooperatives; principles, practices and philosophy of cooperation; rights, duties and obligations of the members and latest information regarding agriculture. Under this programme classes of one day duration are being conducted by the Education Instructors at the sale Points of Primary Agri. Coop. Societies. During this period as many as 11753 persons have been covered by organized 392 programmes.

(c)Involvement of Schools Students:With a view to inculcate awareness about Cooperative Movement among high/senior secondary school students, Education Instructors deliver lectures on cooperation in the schools. During this period as many as 13301 students covered by delivered 214 lectures under this programme.

(d) Farmers Training Camps:-To enable the farmers to assess their agricultural inputs and cash credit requirements through group discussions, the Federation has organized 09 farmers training camps in collaboration with Agri. Deptt., IFFCO, KRIBHCO etc. as many as 389 farmers were covered

(e) Democratic Governance and Professional Mangagement/R.T.I. Programme: The objective of this programme is to provide necessary guidance about the Right to Information Act-2005 for socio-economic development of the community. This is one-day programme and is conducted for the managing committee members of primary and central societies. During the said period 433 members have been covered by organized 03 programmes

(f) Programme on Dairy Coop./Women Seminar:- With a view to encourage Members of Primary Dairy Cooperative Societies. Women seminars are being arranged by the Federation to aware them about latest development in Cooperative schemes with the help of Experts of Animal Husbandry Department and Dairy Cooperatives. During this period 614 women are covered by organized 03 seminars

(g) Speech Contest:-To inculcate awareness about cooperative movement among college students, Federation has organized 10 speech contests in which 185 students participated

(h) Tree Plantation Programme : -With a view to encourage concerned for community and developing cooperation among members through Tree Plantation Programme . During this period 287 women are covered by organized 11 seminars.

(i) Painting/Drawing Competition: -To inculcate awareness about cooperative movement among school students, Painting competition are being arranged by the Federation. During this period 137 participants of Painting are covered by organizing 03 Painting Competition

(j) Essay Competition:-To inculcate awareness about cooperative movement among school students, Federation has organized 13essay competitions in which591students participated

(k)   Periodicals:- Harcofed has embarked upon making its fortnightly magazine ‘Haryana Sahkari Parkash’ more vivid by ensuring the inclusion of such topics as Cooperative Law, Management, R.T.I. Act-2005, success stories, latest schemes of various sectors of the movement and views of eminent cooperators. Efforts have also been made to make the magazine more acceptable and attractive. During the period under reference, it has brought out 07 issues with 19000 copies.

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