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Government of Haryana
Types of Societies

Apex Co-operative Societies

  • Haryana State Co-operative Apex Bank (HARCO BANK)
  • Haryana State Co-operative Agriculture Rural Development Bank (HSCARDB)
  • Haryana State Co-operative Supply & Mkt. Fed. (HAFED)
  • Haryana State Co-operative Sugar Mills Fed. (SUGAR FED)
  • Haryana State Ind. Federation (Under Winding up)
  • Haryana Handloom Weavers Co-op. Apex Society Ltd.
  • Haryana Co-op. Dairy Dev. Fed. (DAIRY FED)
  • Haryana State Co-operative Wholesale Consumer Fed (CONFED)
  • Haryana State Co-op. L&C Fed. (LABOURFED)
  • Haryana State Co-op. Housing Fed.(HOUSE FED)
  • Haryana State Co-op. Dev. Fed.

Central Co-operative Societies

  • Co-op. Spining Mills
  • Central Co-op. Banks
  • Co-op. Sugar Mills
  • Central Co-op. Consumer Store
  • Distt. Co-op.Labour & Constructions Fed.
  • Milk Union (Distt.)
  • Distt. Milk Union with M.Plant

Primary Societies

  • Agri. Credit Service Societhy
  • Primary Agri. Co-op. Society (PACS)
  • Co-op. Urban Bank
  • (a) Co-op. Marketing Society
  • Primary Co-op. Consumer Store
  • Milk Societies
  • Co-op. Labour & Constructions Societies
  • Distt. Primary Co-op. Agri. & Rural Dev. Bank
  • Co-op. Transport Society
  • Co-op. Group Housing Society/House Building Society
  • Brick-Kin-Co-op. Society
  • Cooperative Sugar Cane Society
  • Cinema Society
  • Co-op. Industrial Society
  • Co-op. Farming Society